Why Choose 8 Apparel

8 Apparel is the athleisure brand that lets #UBU®, whatever your background.

As the passion project of retail veteran Stephen Balmer-Walters, who has over 30 years of experience in gauging exactly what the consumer wants from a product, 8 Apparel is about producing the top quality clothing you will want to wear.

We believe that how you dress can impact how you feel, and that this can influence how you carry yourself on the outside.


Feeling good in what you wear is all about having confidence in your clothing’s quality. That’s why we only use high-grade, cutting-edge fabrics and produce all our clothing using British manufacturers, from pattern cutters to printers.

All our athleisure is manufactured, from design to production, in the UK, boosting the local economy and producing high-calibre products that are proud to be British.


Great athleisure can be worn by anyone, with the #UBU® ethos of the brand a constant reminder that the clothing is what you make it.

All our tops, bottoms and outerwear are made using the best fabrics available on the market and are manufactured exclusively within the UK, keeping our ethical conscience high and our carbon footprint low.


How you look on the outside can transform the way you feel on the inside. Too often, athleisure is designed with the gym goer in mind, discluding the high portion of the population who want flexible, athleisure clothing that suits their body and their needs.

That’s where we’re different— 8 Apparel is designed for you, whoever “you” is.

We produce timeless, yet modern styles suitable for everything from commuting to work to catching a flight. So, whatever your day has in store, face it with 8 Apparel: the athleisure brand that lets #UBU®.