Why Athleisure Is The Perfect Trend For 2019

With the word athleisure officially added to the dictionary in 2016, it’s safe to say it’s become a real trend of the fashion world- and it is without a doubt a trend that’s here for the long run.

The idea of athleisure is simple: sports + leisure = athleisure. Essentially, athleisure is a glorified lovechild.

With retail fighting to survive in 2015, many were shocked by the 12% rise in athleisure purchases that same year. Inevitably, this market growth has meant that hundreds of brands have jumped on the bandwagon and are now producing their own athleisure collections.

With this, in 2019 there has become a larger variety of styles and prices available than ever before. And now, it’s not just athleisure itself that’s a trend, but there are now particular types, styles and brands of ‘trendy’ athleisure.

In this blog post, we take a look at the growing world that is athleisure, and discuss what the trends will be in 2019.

Leggings…with everything

One of the most popular athleisure pieces since the trend has taken off is leggings (aka the holy grail of active-wear fashion). Women, in particular, can’t seem to get enough of the stretchable skin-tight legwear. Whether you walk into your local primark or stare through the window of Burberry, you’re likely to catch sight of numerous variations of this clothing type.

Patterned, coloured, fluffy (and all of these things combined) you name it, leggings have done it. This athleisure trend has taken off, and consumers can’t get enough of it. With online influencers working in collaboration with popular sport apparel companies such as Gymshark, it’s not surprising that almost every 20-something Instagram addict has followed suit and bought a pair…or five.

However, the influx of leggings in high street stores means that it’s not just “trendy young people” who are opting for this comfortable restriction-free option. Due to their hugely versatile wearability (you really can pair leggings with anything and everything), consumers of all ages are immersing themselves into the athleisure hype without even knowing it.

Socks on show!

Since when did it become cool to have your socks on show? Well, probably since retailers started selling cool socks. With celebrities like Gigi Hadid opting to pair luxury sport socks with their high-fashion outfits, it’s no surprise that Business of Fashion is calling socks ‘fashions new secret weapon’.


Matching tracksuits were once considered cringy, but consider worrying about what jumper you pair with what trousers a thing of the past! Coordinating athleisure is the new in-thing, with fashionistas like Hailey Bieber promoting athleisure with campaigns for top brands like Adidas flooding her insta feed. Top models are showing that matching is cool, and now that this is officially a ‘thing’, consumers can’t get enough of it.

Vintage is ‘in’

With young high-fashion starlets like Kendall Jenner leading the way in terms of athleisure style, it’s no shock that we are seeing a return to its 1970’s roots. Luxury labels who’s branding hasn’t changed much since their birth, such as Gucci, are leading the way with vintage athleisure clothing. This has transpired into more affordable branding, such as reebok, who have re-launched a trainer style based on their original sports shoe design.

In summary, it’s fair to say that athleisure isn’t going anywhere (but up) anytime soon. The wearability of the clothing, along with its practical and comfortable nature means that it is targeting all sorts of consumer types.

As time goes on, we can be sure that athleisure will continue to accommodate the trends being set by big social media influences and celebs. At the moment, that means vintage and co-ords, but really, the sky’s the limit in terms of the future crazes. All we can say for sure is that you should watch this space!