Inclusive Athleisure

8 Apparel Athleisure

8 Apparel gets it. Clothing that makes you look good leaves you feeling great. Until now, the athleisure market has only targeted the stereotypical gym goer, leaving those who don’t conform to this type wanting quality, comfortable clothing they can feel confident in with little to no options.

That’s where 8 Apparel is different. Our clothing is more than just gymwear. Our athleisure can be worn by a city lawyer or a stay-at-home mum. Whatever your background, 8 Apparel is made for you.


As the passion project of retail veteran Stephen Balmer-Walters, who has over 30 years of experience giving consumers the products they want, 8 Apparel is invested in producing inclusive clothing for every consumer.

8 Apparel operates by the #UBU® ethos, believing that clothing which boasts quality, style and a low carbon footprint is the platform that brings out your true personality and encourages you to be you, whoever that is.

Whatever your size, age, style or demands, 8 Apparel’s athleisure offers inclusive tops, bottoms and outerwear suitable for all.

Inclusive style

Everyone’s unique. 8 Apparel is a 100% British brand that understands this. That’s why we work by the philosophy that clothing should let #UBU®. Our athleisure range offers modern style with optimum performance that can be worn by anyone.

If you want tasteful, timeless athleisure garments made of cutting-edge fabric that become part of who you are and lets #UBU®, join the 8 Apparel community today.