Eco 8

Athleisure that cares

Consumer awareness is at an all time high. With stories in the press publicising the mark fashion leaves on the world, more people than ever want to know where their purchases come from, who made them and what they’re made of.

In this blog post we explain how we make sure our clothing is as eco-friendly as possible, from its production methods to the materials used to make each garment.

Low carbon footprint

We strive to minimise our effect on the planet wherever possible. From keeping the supply chain within East Anglia to finding ways to taking an environmentally conscious approach to our manufacturing choices, our aim is to keep 8 Apparel’s carbon footprint as small as possible, so we can retail responsibly.

The fashion industry is accountable for 5% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Much of this comes from the way clothing is manufactured and transported around the world.

In an era with a high demand for fashion, choosing to shop with brands that operate exclusively within Britain is a simple yet effective way to do your bit for the environment and shop sustainably.


Plastic pollution is a shocking threat to the environment and the animals that live in it. It’s estimated that 12 million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean each year.

Plastic is cheap and fast to produce, making it a popular choice for fashion brands’ packaging. However, the damage that this material has on our environment hugely outweighs its assets.

8 Apparel cares about sustainability and is proud to support plastic free packaging for all our products. The boxes we use to ship our products and the tissue paper we use to wrap each item is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Responsible sourcing

With the fast fashion trend of the millennial population comes an increased need for clothing materials. As one of the most popular choices among manufactures, cotton is in high demand.

Although cotton is a natural, biodegradable fiber, it requires a large amount of water to grow. On average, it takes 20,000 litres of water to produce a single t-shirt, which drastically reduces water supplies for towns, villages and even entire countries.

Aside from the fact that cotton sourcing is often unsustainable, it’s an overt truth that child labour is rife in cotton harvesting. With consumer awareness better than ever, fashion retailers are being forced to find an alternative.

At 8 Apparel there’s no need for change. From sourcing right through to the production line, we make choices that offer the best option for the environment.

From the responsibly sourced blend of cotton, polyester, spandex, visco, modal and polypropylene that make up our products, to the biodegradable packaging we use to ship them, you can rest assured that 8 Apparel is environmentally conscious.